Waterblow Kecak Dance

Subali Antaka

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Subali's misunderstanding towards Sugriwa was the beginning of their brotherhood break off. The fierce battle was inevitable. The great war shook and rattled their battle realm. The Supernatural power that Subali possessed made Sugriwa completely demolished until none of his monkey troops could help him. Fortunately, Sri Rama was on Sugriwa’s side. Sri Rama helped Sugriwa to establish the justice on this earth. With the sacred arrows, Sri Rama was able to shoot Subali’s chest until he lay dead before his armies.


Note :

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic which has become a global issue today, ITDC has decided to postponed The Water Blow Kecak Dance Performance until unspecified time. We will inform The Water Blow Kecak Dance Performace's comeback,
as the situation have gradually improved and are running normally.

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